Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Police gloves, ideal buy for policemen

The gloves that you wear on winter days are certainly not apt for the policemen. They need gloves which will be able to provide their hands optimum protection in any kind of emergency situation. There are a number of tactical gloves designed to perform a number of tasks. But, police gloves are specially designed keeping in mind the exigency of the job of a police man.

A police man needs to handle weapons. So a strong grip is what all the policemen look for in a pair of gloves. At the same time, the pair will be comfortable to wear for longer time. Yet, it should be strong enough to resist puncture and similar kind of attacks as well as wounds.

The job of a police man involves wide search and investigation. The products that a policeman is generally looking for are nowhere near to be innocent. So, it has to be ensured that the police gloves will provide necessary protection from suspicious objects. Among these objects there are sharp blades and knifes. So, basically the police gloves must be cut resistant gloves. Puncture gloves i.e. puncture resistant gloves and slash proof gloves also make good police gloves.

There are a number of companies manufacturing high quality police gloves. It is generally believed that the more expensive gloves are safer. But actually, the performance comes with experience in this field. Consultation with the defense people to know their safety needs is a way to manufacture the best of the police gloves.

A good pair of police glove should not restrict the movement of police personnel. Rather, they must always allow the hands to remain agile to move swiftly. This is a vital fact that the manufacturers always keep in mind. Still before buying make sure, the one that you are buying must allow you freedom of movement.

Experts say, a police glove should be strong and sturdy. But this toughness should not be felt by the users. Rather, the person who is wearing a particular type of gloves should not feel at all that he is carrying something extra in his hand. There lies the perfection of the gloves.

EN388 gloves ensure resistance from any type of disasters, whereas EN13594 gloves are fit for the motor bikers. But the demand of the police gloves is different yet combining the both. Tactical gloves are suited for most of the professions. Policemen too find tactical gloves reliable as they combine a multiple characteristics. But, when there are a number of manufactures specifically concentrating on police gloves, it is better to avail those on duty. Since these are made with consultation of ace policemen, it won’t be foolish to put trust on them regarding the safety of your hands along with the comfort and performance factor too.

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