Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Defensive Applications and Uses of Gloves

Military gloves, as the word goes, are used extensively in all the Military branches of a country. These gloves are characterized by their high tendency to absorb shock. They have a superior grip, and offer superior comfort and protection against all types of hazards encountered during military procedures. All of these Military gloves internal schematics comprise mainly of 92% Nomex (fire retardant material), 5% Kevlar fiber (cut resistance) and 3% P140 anti-static fiber (for safety around fuels, explosives and electronics). Many military gloves adopt tanning technology, which keeps the leather soft and supple for the life of the glove even after repeated exposure to perspiration or moisture. Concealed interior seam stitching using para-aramid thread enhances durability of the military gloves, especially around vulnerable finger tips.

Military gloves are so designed such as they are completely wind and waterproof, but permeable for water vapor. Hence, water from the outside will never penetrate, cold winds cannot pass through and perspiration can escape easily. Therefore, they can withstand any kind of scenario, be it close combat (army), air resistance (air force) or water resistance (navy), hence the name.

One of the variants of such gloves is the standard Police gloves. Offered for internal security, Police gloves are generally soft, abrasion resistant and are made from low weight material providing extended range of motion, high breathability, waterproof and windproof qualities, making it fit for all weather conditions. Their main feature lies in the fact that they have advanced puncture and cut protection, with a great deal of hypodermic needle protection, hence making the such gloves highly durable in urban scenarios. It’s a no wonder that Police gloves have generally a high EN 388 standard, for protection against various mechanical hazards.

A special type of protective glove comes in the form of Riot Control Gloves. These Riot Control Gloves are characterized by their extremely high durability and ability to withstand huge amount of shock, wear and tear. These protective gloves are so designed so as to protect the operator against various bodily injuries during close contact with potentially violent inmates, as well as in riot and civil disturbance situations. Hence, Riot Control gloves have mainly hard padded knuckles and wrists with reinforced palms to deflect blows and debris.

Hence, to conclude, we can say that over the widespread uses and applications the gloves find into, none can match the defensive capabilities it offers. Used in all branches of military in possibly every country, Military and Army gloves find its unparalleled uses in a country’s defense. And not only Military and Army gloves, even Riot Control Gloves and Police Gloves form an integral part of a country’s internal military structure and control. Hence, it’s a mandatory procedure for every country to select these military applicable gloves of proper quality and standard. In this regard, one can visit http://www.tsgloves.com/ for viewing a widespread collection of high quality Military, Army, Police and Riot Control gloves.

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