Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Cut resistant gloves, say no to scratches

There are a number of professions that involve high risk from knifes and blades at every moment. Wearing a pair of gloves is a must for these professionals. But any kind of gloves will not serve the purpose. There are special gloves which are made of such ingredients that resist cuts and scratches. These are known as cut resistant gloves, a must for those who have to deal with sharp weapons and tools.

Cut resistant gloves can be of different types based on their capacity. Level 1 cut resistant glove can take pressure of at the most 200 grams. But gloves of higher level can easily handle the weight of 3.5 kilogram. These cut resistant gloves are made of different materials. Low level cut resistant gloves are apt for jobs that need to handle with knives but does not entail constant cutting. These gloves can take a considerable amount of weight. At the same time they will protect the hands from scratches and cuts. Then again, these gloves are available in variety of designs and cuts.

On the other hand, high level cut resistant gloves are apt for jobs that include high risk from knives and blades. Police gloves are often made cut resistant as the routine duty of the policemen includes searche and investigation which may come up with sharp needles and knives. Tactical gloves are also cut resistant. But, if the job needs constant cutting, cut resistant gloves must be your choice as these gloves concentrate on the quality of cut resistance specifically.

But choosing a wrong level may become a major hindrance to work. Suppose, a level 1 police glove is enough for a particular job. But if a person gets a level V glove for that, it will be cumbersome for him to work as the high level gloves will restrict the agility of the hand. At the same time getting a low level glove for a work which needs high protection can leave the hands injured. So getting the right kind of gloves is very necessary.

The first step of this process is to decide which type of gloves is actually needed. If the job description makes it evident that no other gloves apart from cut resistant one will suffice the purpose, then the level has to be decided. This step is considered as the most vital in the entire process of getting gloves for your job.

Understanding the need and the type of the work is quite necessary. If a pair of gloves suits perfectly, there is nothing like that. Huge amount of work can be accomplished with the smooth operation and support of the gloves. But, most often people complain that they are not being able to work properly after wearing a pair of gloves. But that should not be the case. A pair of gloves, no matter what its characteristic is should provide optimum comfort.

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