Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Gearing up with army gloves

Military personnel or army officials without gloves is simply an unimaginable idea. A pair of sturdy gloves forms an inseparable part of the military uniform as challenging situations are also part and parcel of an army man’s life.

There are quite a number of reasons for which gloves are worn. A pair of gloves keeps the hands clean and safe. It protects the hand from any sudden attack. At the same time, it enables the hands to bear with the heavy weight of weapons without injuring the hands. All these reasons make it conspicuous that an army person cannot simply do away with gloves. But not all gloves will live up to the challenging life of an army man. So specially designed army gloves are something that every army man’s wardrobe must boast of.

Going by types, tactical gloves, puncture gloves or cut resistant gloves—all these gloves are strong and resistant against odds. But, experts say, that army men need different kinds of gloves which are designed specially for them, keeping in mind the challenges of their job. Army men are expected to carry heavy weight weapons which may result in knuckles in hands. Even normal gloves are not adept enough to prevent knuckles. But military gloves or army gloves are made knuckle proof, slash proof and cut resistant.

But these army gloves are not equal to knuckle proof or cut resistant gloves. It is not only this resistance that the army gloves should offer. These gloves must provide a strong grip over the weapons and agility for fast movement. Riot gloves also need these characteristics.

At the same time the comfort factor should be kept in mind. Most often it is found that to provide strength and resistance army gloves become cumbersome and tough to handle with. But, that should not be the case with the manufacturers. The professions which need its workers to wear gloves on duty involve the hands to a great extent. So, it is quite necessary to protect the hands. At the same time, it is evident that those professions involve a great deal of hand pressure. So, wearing gloves one has to be able to deliver his perfectly. Otherwise, the purpose of gloves will be lost.

There are a number of companies which assure comfortable and strong army gloves. Among these Camelback gloves has already made a name in the gloves industry. Generally the manufacturers do not deeply know the nitty-gritty of the professions which need their staffs to wear gloves. But with cutting edge competition, new ideas are thought out every day. So, consultation with the professionals before designing such gloves has almost become a mandate for the manufacturers.

Knowing the demands minutely helps to produce army gloves according to the need. But apart from the visual appearance of the gloves, it must give an unbeatable sense of comfort.

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