Friday, October 8, 2010

Gloves Not Just For Fashion

The perfect style statement and the right pair of accessories to go with your attire, hand gloves have been around for centuries. But gloves do a lot more than just add glamour to your style. Gloves protect the most vital & over used part of your body i.e. the hands. Bikers would agree as they know very well how much of a protection gear biking gloves are rather than simply a fashion statement. Biking gloves protect the hands from the outer cold as well as provide a better grip on the handle. The concept of tactical gloves is not new & has been around for ages since man has begun using his hands for manual labor.

So what do tactical gloves do actually? These gloves are aimed to specially provide protection to your hands and prevent them from any outwardly mishap. Designed to be very durable and resistant to almost everything like extreme heat (specially nomex gloves that are heat extensively heat resistant) as well from cuts and abrasions. For those who live a rough life involving outdoor manual labor, tactical gloves are a must for personal protection.

Tactical literally translates to combat. So the tactical gears usually refer to the protection worn when involved in combat. That brings to mind the army personnel as well as the police force. Yes, there are tactical gloves suited for them as well. Army gloves are a must for the defence personnel as these people live in the most unsuitable and inhospitable surroundings. For them the maximum protection that can be possible should be ensured. Hence army gloves are always being improved to suit the needs of the defence. So also for the police gloves. These types of gloves are designed so that they would help the police officials avoid cuts and abrasions and at the same time not hinder their progress in any investigation.

Gloves are a compulsory part of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE). So be it any defence sector or simply an industrial sector, everyone needs protective gloves. Many industries employ safety measures by ensuring that their employees are fully equipped with proper cut-resistant gloves and other safety apparels. Now a days gloves have been accepted as more of a safety gear which shouldn’t be neglected. Though this hasn’t reduced its presence in the fashion world either.

Many gloves manufacturing companies have come up with latest innovative ideas on how to make tactical gloves more attractive and comfortable in their design. Nomex gloves that are mostly used by fire-fighters and people dealing directly with flammable materials, are also undergoing a change in their looks to be ergonomically more pleasing.

So its up to you now to take a pick from the wide range of attractive working gloves available in the market. Shop online for good brands like T S Gloves or visit a local shop for the same. Tactical gloves are no longer an embarrassment for those who are looks conscious!

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