Saturday, January 22, 2011

Top Skin Gloves

Top skin gloves are one of the leading gloves manufacturers in the world. We offer you the best quality gloves for a reasonable price. We produce the professional law enforcement and fire fighters gloves with the top most quality. Our main products are military gloves, tactical gloves, combat gloves, police gloves, cut resistant gloves, riot gloves, army gloves etc…. we produce the gloves by using the best raw materials like Armor tex, polartec, kelvar etc… our customers are all over the world and we export about 800,000 military gloves every year.

We use the world’s strongest fiber Armor Tex which is high performance polythene and it provides the best protection level than needed. It is fifteen times stronger than steel. Immunetex is another product which is used as a powerful waterproof agent. It restricts the rain water, cold wind penetrating into it and it sends away all the precipitation outside through it. Tactical gloves are made up of Kevlar, a fiber which helps to increase the efficiency of the product by decreasing its weight enormously. This acts as a tough shield with very less weight. It helps to increase the performance of variety of consumer and industrial products. We serve in a wide range for the military sector. Our gloves are very useful for the military forces, policeman, firemen, for trekking and it can be used in any aspect with much safety.

In Nomex gloves the material Nomex is used as a fire proofing agent. This is used for generating flame resistant clothing and it is used in transformers, motors and other electrical equipment. Prim aloft is another raw material used in making the combat gloves by us to enable the user with high resistance over high quality cold weather. It is very light in weight and works efficiently in repelling the water. This helps you to protect from the extreme conditions of weather. We also use thermolite microfiber which is used as the insulating gent. This enables in blocking the radiant heat loss from the body in the extreme climatic conditions. We also use cool max hydrophobic polyester which also acts as a best water repellent and it helps in absorbing the moisture from the skin and it transforms the moisture to the upper layers of the cloth with this the user will be dry and comfortable in any extreme weather conditions. Ykk is also used as it is the best and most durable water proof zippers among the outdoor products.

We follow the ISO 9001 certified manufacturing facilities and we have enormous capabilities in transforming the projects from product development to commercial manufacturing. We follow in house machining and tooling process. We are having the best experienced and trained workers in manufacturing the gloves. We test all the goods before they are delivered.

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