Friday, October 8, 2010

Tactical Gloves: Safety First

The increase in hazardous endeavours implies a significant increase in safety issues. A good pair of tactical Gloves is of utmost priority to personnel involved in such risky undertakings as racing, construction, home-improvement and the like. In the recent years, many top brands are offering premium quality at affordable prices for example Top-Skin Gloves which specializes in fire-fighters gloves and army Gloves.

Where human safety is at stake, consummate technology should be employed in manufacture of such tactical gloves and combat gloves. Hence rigid and durable material like Nomex are utilised in creation of efficient and resistant gloves. In fact, these thermal, chemical and heat resistant gloves are almost a mandatory part of American military aviators and hence these nomex gloves are also called as aviation gloves as that is the field they are generally used in.

Nomex Gloves have added features as compared to normal gloves which make them a crucial part of aviation safety gear. They are composed of soft capeskin which is vital for allowing a touch sensation to penetrate through when an aviator is flying. Their reverse sides have fire-resistant fibres made of Nomex material that are easily stretchable. Hence nomex Gloves give the pilots a smooth fit. The best part of nomex gloves is that they are easily washable by making use of normal lukewarm water and hand soap that we use and still their properties remain intact.

Army gloves specifically need to be weather resistant as they trudge through tricky terrains and the range of products in the market do not disappoint. Army gloves are custom made to be highly endurable and long lasting but along with it they are also heavy duty gloves. They are available in wide varying range of prices according to the special features added. Military quality and cut-resistant are not parameters that are easily available in other tactical gloves. Only Army gloves can boast of that expertise.

Martial arts training and similar areas of combat as also adventure sports which have gained momentum lately could do with durable and comfortable tactical gloves specifically manufactured to be used to that effect. Moreover these tactical gloves open up a vista of style. They are also used for maintaining a style statement and hence are available in a variety of shapes and colours. Tactical gloves have finally moved on from the drab old black and skin colours that are generally employed.

TS Gloves offer a one stop solution to actually the entire array of tactical and army gloves along with other products. There are also combat gloves that are battle tested and confirmed after extensive research. So you can have all the basic functionalities of a tactical or army glove like speed, flexibility and exceptional strength to handle the rigours of the work.

Good news for all potential customers is that new varieties of tactical gloves are to be launched in 2010. The major features of these tactical gloves would be TPR Knuckles and EVA foam pads without compromising the hand dexterity. Additionally, they are also light-weight and completely breathable which works in their favour.

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