Monday, June 7, 2010

Nomex Gloves: The Ideal Fire Protection Outfit

If you are looking forward to procure one of the best fire resistant gloves, there are a lot of options to choose from. However the best in the business are Nomex gloves built from patented technology and concern the usage of sophisticated technological procedures. Nomex gloves act as the ideal firefighters shield. Before going into details about Nomex gloves let us briefly look at what this innovative technology is all about.

Nomex is the trademark for a special type of flame resistant meta-aramid substance developed early in the 1960s by DuPont and was initially marketed in 1967 under the same trademark. Chemically, Nomex and other related aramid polymers are linked to nylon and its family of fiber. These specific fibers have aromatic backbones; therefore these are more rigid as well as durable.

Nomex gloves are used extensively for multifarious needs which include firefighting as well as in vehicle racing industries. Clothing and other dress materials including hoods and gloves comes with Nomex protection. These highly resilient gloves come with adequate fittings that help to secure least possible damage on the person wearing it.

In times of a possible fire breakout, Firefighters and army personnel are called in for intercepting the fire which in turn may spread to outskirts creating havoc and causing umpteen losses to life and property. Nomex gloves comes to the rescue helping firefighters as well as individuals who have to tread with fire in times of great necessity like army personnel and riot control police men. A special variety of police gloves also come with Nomex enhancement. This inclusion not only makes the glove thicker on the edge but also provides an added advantage of double flame protection.

A flame is more damaging to the skin if the person remains in its presence for more than a few minutes. However with Nomex gloves which are specially crafted to give adequate protection from fire one can be sure of safety. The army gloves nowadays also come with Nomex fiber enhancement. These fibers are highly flame resistant and provide complete protection to individuals to whom playing with fire is no big deal.

Moreover, Nomex is also used in cut resistant gloves that are highly efficient in performing hoards of activities like lumbering, glass cutting, and industrial drilling and so on. Further Nomex finds wide application in a range of activities ranging from civil protection and safety outfits like riot controlling or a more conventional one concerning police and civil order maintenance. Thus nomex is the preferred material for riot control gloves as well.

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