Monday, June 7, 2010

Avant-Garde Gloves

Top skin gloves are a Spain based company creating cutting edge unconventional gloves for use in the roughest situations. The pioneering product like the tactical gloves, police gloves, cut resistant gloves fire-fighter gloves etc is supplied to the departments for effective unconventional rigorous duties. The rugged looking leather as well as synthetic gloves is soft and snug from the inside, long lasting, and yielding and gives optimum grip for hand work. As a result the gloves are useful in the most challenging events faced by uniformed services and security agencies.

The company research department has evolved over the years and has used the latest most effective material to give added protection to the hands of the user. Armor Tex is a fibre even more enduring than steel and akin armour in protection. Another material Immunetex is not only strong it is weather resistant. Rainy water or freezing winds cannot go across it but perspiration dries up quickly. In Evlar fibre the weight is light but durable and acts well in the glove as a tensile material. Nomex fibre gloves is resistant towards fire and is used along a wide spectrum of professionals handling heat and fire. Primaloft fibre attire is mostly used in freezing climate. The properties of the gloves prepared from this material agile and airy keeping water at bay. In the most hostile conditions it serves well. Others fibres like Thermolite, coolmax and YKK are used for making gloves because of their characteristics to withstand the extreme conditions.

TS Gloves as a company has existed for 15 years in Barcelona Spain because of uniform accompaniment accessory production of gloves for defence fire fighters and medical staff. The distribution network is global in 40 countries. These are ISO 9001 accredited. The company has the facility to produce customized orders with laid down specifications. The company has on its roll very proficient experts who process material into useful gloves which the uniformed personnel are proud to own. The manufacturing plant in Spain is innovative and in the knowhow of the development in this field. The company can be contacted through post telephone fax E-mail and the staff will promptly attend to the needs at any place across the globe.

The company procures the raw material of the best quality from the most reputed supplier. The material is selected on the basis of feel, durability test, strength and softness. The customer satisfaction is the most important factor under consideration; so many of the customers are linked with the company for a decade or more. This speaks volumes of our serviceability. The country where our label is easily visible is in all continents. We are one stop centre for your entire glove requirement. Patronize us and you will not be dismayed.

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