Monday, June 7, 2010

Different Types of Police Gloves for Policeman

Gloves are those proactive cover that helps our hand from getting scratch or getting harmed from any other accidents. It acts as an injury resistance. So if we need gloves for our safety, then how police can be left out, they too need gloves to be protect their hands in the times of war or any other circumstances. So there are some police gloves that can help them to protect their hands from myriad threats. This police gloves are almost similar to Army gloves, which are used for military process while attack or any other war like situation.

Police gloves are considered as necessary part of tactical gear that is won by police officers that can be useful while the officer is in duty. There are different type of police gloves that are used by them and one of them is the slash resistant police gloves, these leather made gloves are used to get safety from blades, knives etc. These gloves act as cut resistance gloves to protect hands while in the attack situation. While some slash resistance gloves have extra leather in it to minimize the palms by getting wear and tear. There are also some police gloves which has hard knuckles, made from hard polymer. This type of glove acts well at the time when police officer hold heavy machinery at the time of attack.

There are also safe search police gloves which act as the protective armor who go for search and while searching, it is obvious that there will be some sharp things that can pierce the palm skin. These police glove is fully needle resistant and can back as the splash resistant gloves. These safe search police gloves have four or five inches of cuff extension because this gloves carries fluid that can affect your hand and full body.

Another type of police glove is the FASTAC glove, which is used when policeman face any flames or extreme heat. These police glove is made up of cow leather and are designed specially to protect your finger and entire palm, as well as there is extra leather that is wrapped to protect your finger. There is also Gladiator gloves that are used when police officers take prisoner from one prison to other. These gloves are made up of leather and are sleamless which covers each finger. They are also slash resistant and offer good amount good amount of fingertip sensation.

There are many other types of gloves that are made of various materials and one such material is tactical, and is perfect to move your finger and can help in getting good amount of sensation. There various types of police gloves which can be used for various duties and activities. Wearing a right glove can help the palm by getting wear and tear.

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