Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tgloves do not interfere with the usage of touchscreen gadgets

Modern mobile phones have a capacitive touchscreen which while providing great looks and durability have one major drawback; they cannot be used while wearing gloves. So, every time you want to use the device, you have to remove the gloves which become a real nuisance in winters. To get around this problem, gloves manufacturer have come up with T gloves which allow you to operate your touchscreen gadgets with ease without having to remove your gloves.
Fingerless gloves have been around much before touchscreen devices were introduced and although you can make do with them the disadvantage of the fingertips remaining cold remains. Stick-on pads which are electrically conducive are also used on the outside of normal gloves as are removable tips. But, both are not very comfortable solutionsfor the user.
 The best solution is the T gloves which are imbued with some unique features which permit you to use your touchscreen gadget without taking them off. Normal gloves are made of materials which do not conduct electricity and the tiny currents get blocked while wearing them. The touchscreen device cannot detect the electric signal because of this barrier but in T gloves, a conductive material or thread is incorporated into them to enable passing of electrical currents. This material is almost invisible and is extremely flexible which does not interfere with the comfort and safety of the wearer.
T gloves ensure that they do not interfere with the usage of touchscreen gadgets while keeping the wearer comfortable simultaneously. 

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