Thursday, January 17, 2013

Use Gloves: Better Be Safe Than Sorry

Gloves meant for combat purposes must be carefully chosen. Here we are not talking about the good old winter gloves meant to keep the hands warm or the gloves you use when cooking. There are some professionals who almost daily have to come across life threatening situations wherein they not only should safeguard themselves but also take care of others. Defence personnel like soldiers and the police have to deal with many such dangerous situations. For them safety isn’t only in wielding a gun & having a bulletproof vest. Combat gloves for such situations must also be designed for them.

Speaking of gloves means for tactical purposes, Nomex gloves are a good choice. These are ideal for situations where high temperature is involved. The best quality Nomex fibres can withstand temperatures up to 200 degress and are often used in gloves meant for fire fighters. Race car drivers too sometimes experience high heat & hence their gloves too sometimes use Nomex. Nomex gloves are of superior quality & one must always prefer using these when dealing with high temperatures or when being exposed to flames. Heat resistance makes Nomex a favourite material when building PPE.

The catch with combat wear is that, the gloves should never interfere with your agility. Combat personnel have to deal with a lot of physical activity and their reflexes should never be hindered by what they wear. And obviously as hands are what they will often use, the gloves should make them comfortable. Military gloves as an example should be cut-resistant & at the same time should not be so bulky that free movement becomes tedious. The quality of material used in these military gloves should be comfortable for the soldiers. One can use Nomex fibres as they are known for their durability.

Riot control gloves demand better grip & agility. Needless to say if the gloves make the hands sweat or the material causes discomfort, then the whole point of wearing such gloves is defeated! Usually it’s the police who get to wear riot-control gloves when trying to control a mob. Violence is quite ubiquitous in this scenario & they have to stay alert and prepared. Attacks are common & thus durability of the gloves is of utmost importance. An injured cop is more a liability than an asset. So pick your gloves carefully & do a bit of looking around before you buy a pair.

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