Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Protect Your Hands Well

Our hands & feet are perhaps the most overworked parts of out body. While we walk or exercise our feet bear our weight. Similarly our hands help us in our daily chores. While strong and durable shoes are used to protect our feet, what about hands? Gloves are ideal for that purpose. Depending on a person’s profession, gloves are available in customized forms that suit their users’ specific needs. This is so because a glove that is meant for protection against high temperature may not be useful while protecting the hands from cuts or harsh physical impact. So special type of gloves called tactical gloves, are best suited for such professionals as defense personnel or firefighters since they have to deal with extreme conditions on a regular basis.

Unlike regular gloves these are easy to use and comfortable for the wearer. They make it easier for the user to efficiently use their hands & fingers while still protecting them from harm. Tactical gloves as the name suggests are used in combat wear as a part of safety gear. No combat gear is complete without the right kind of gloves protecting the vital part ie. hands. It helps prevent injury while in times of riots or war. Hence it’s specially used by police officers & army in defending as well as attacking. It helps the wearer move with precision and accuracy thus maximizing protection and efficiency.

Police gloves and army gloves are made from durable materials like leather. They have an inner lining made of breathable material that prevents the hand from sweating too much resulting in losing grip on the weapon. Different type of police gloves are available that help in protection of the palm while conducting a search in unfavorable conditions or when examining a crime scene for evidence. A specialty in riot-control gloves is that the knuckles are made of fiber so that it can bear the impact of heavy blows. Army gloves are of the same type except that they are designed to protect from puncture or cuts. These tactical gloves are so designed that they give maximum fingertip sensation and enhance the ability to hold heavy machinery & weapons.

Knowing what glove would suit you is important. A person must determine the kind of hardships his job presents and then select the type of glove he should use. If a person is working with dangerous fluid then fluid-resistant glove are best suited for him. Working with heavy artillery implies that the gloves you use should be able to protect your hands well and even let you move your fingers easily, like the police gloves and army gloves. Such gloves are made of different materials with varying degrees of durability and with custom-made designs. They are even available in affordable prices and can be bought at retail stores or online. But before you buy be sure to select the right size of tactical gloves and test them well before use.

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