Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Be Protected: Wear Gloves

Gloves have long since evolved from being just a fashion statement to now an essential protective accessory for many. Whether it is at home or at work, your hands need protection. While fancy fabric & lace gloves form a part of style wear making your hands look pretty , their rugged counterparts like leather, rubber & nomex gloves perform a more important job-that of protecting your hands!

From daily activities like going out in the freezing cold to play in the snow, bike-riding or for more serious works like welding some equipment or repairing your car, no work is possible without protecting your hands first. Especially for those people who love to repair stuff themselves, protective gloves are a must if they want their hands to remain bruise-free!

Some people have sensitive hands so that rubber & nylon gloves are a big no for them. In that case you can use leather gloves or even fabric gloves for protection against cold. For more heavy duty works you need extra protection which simple rubber, nylon or even leather gloves can’t provide. That’s when nomex gloves work wonders. They are highly heat resistant and ideal while working in high temperatures. Their durability & toughness further make it the best choice while designing PPE (personal protective equipment).

Thus cut-resistant gloves are used by people who work near sharp objects and heavy machinery so that they don’t accidentally cut themselves. Such gloves may be made out of leather or any other combination of materials that give a thick inner lining. The extra thickness cushions your hands and thus gives it the added protection. For those looking for extra grip and ability to hold delicate parts of an object without slipping, tactical gloves are the best. As the name suggests they are mostly used in combat gear to provide the ultimate protection as well as allow freedom of movement. So if you are in the defense or are in a job that involves extremely hostile environment, rest assured these gloves will protect you.

Another category of tactical gloves are used for riot control. These riot-control gloves have special fibered knuckles that allow you to bear the impact of blows and thus prevent possible injuries. Similar are the gloves used by army & the police. Police gloves are further customized so that while searching for evidence or fingerprints their palms remain protected from sharp objects and also they can easily move their fingers providing better grip.

Also if you have sweaty hands and worrying about losing grip, you can get yourself a customized glove that is lined with a breathable material. Fingerless gloves are also an option when the work involved isn’t too hazardous but requires greater grip. So for each profession or each activity you have a variety of gloves to choose from. T gloves are durable, comfortable to use and keep you safe. So now you can go about doing your work without worrying about your hands.

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