Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Nomex Gloves For Safer Hands For All

There are a variety of jobs in the world which depends on the combat skills of a person. You need to be on your toes while being defensive and go all out while being offensive if you are an army man or a policeman. The military and police force are expected to combat the unbalancing forces in today’s world. To do their jobs effectively, they need a certain level of protection against the vagaries. The military personnel have quite a challenging life. They need to hold heavy weapons, need to climb rough terrains, survive in the rough cold/hot weathers and what not! A pair of sturdy gloves thus becomes vital in these professions.

Specially designed army gloves are demanded by the army of all nations. You cannot simply do without them! They have some special qualities embedded in them to suit the challenges posed by the workload of an army man. The material assembly for the army gloves consists of a special polymer named Nomex. Nomex gloves are fire-resistant, heat-resistant, rigid and durable. It also provides protection against harmful chemicals. They are shock-proof too! They maintain the body temperature in extreme weathers. The nomex polymer is related to nylon. The only difference is, it has aromatic backbones. In addition to the qualities of nomex, the military gloves are suitably padded and reinforced for added comfort.

The fire-resistance of the Nomex gloves makes them the numero uno choice for the fire-fighter’s gloves. The heat induced by a fire can harm a person if he stays too long near it. But the Nomex gloves or suit ensure that the body temperature is maintained and there is no harm caused to the hands. When Nomex polymer is added to Kevlar fibre, it makes the cut-resistant gloves. These gloves are used in glass cutting and lumbering. Nomex is also the preferred material for the riot control gloves. While controlling the riots, the police or army might be attacked by the mob using sharp knives or fire or chemicals. The gloves used during the riots must be capable of withstanding huge amount of shocks. The thermal and chemical stability imparted by Nomex polymer helps a lot during all this. The drivers of the vehicle racing industry wear suits made up of Nomex polymer.

There are professions in this world where wearing of gloves is essential. These jobs involve a great use of the hands. Thus ample protection should always be taken care of. A slight cut in the hand of a soldier might affect his ability to handle a heavy weapon, thereby becoming a reason for his susceptibility. There are a number of companies dedicated to manufacturing of gloves for special purposes. It should be a mandate to talk to the gloves manufacturer about the specifications of a job to design the suitable gloves. If you need readymade gloves then you might order a catalogue from the internet and choose from the variety of options. Protection against any hazard is a must. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

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