Thursday, May 12, 2011

Gloves Are The Secret to Happy Hands!

We often hear people talk about how worked out and tired their hands feel after a day’s work or a long bike ride. The reason- people either do not wear gloves when required or they have their hands in a pair of uncomfortable gloves. It is of utmost importance to select the right kind of gloves for your work. Gloves not only give your hands that extra protection, but also provide a firm grip and prevent unwanted friction, thereby making your work or task seem easier than it otherwise would have been. So what are you waiting for? Head out to , a renowned gloves manufacturer, which has an answer to most of your hand glove requirements.

Today cut-resistant gloves and fire fighter gloves are the most sought after, thanks to their unique properties and their safety standards. Cut-resistant gloves offer great resistance from most cuts encountered during workplace mishaps. Gloves designed for fire fighters provide superior protection from damage caused due to heat and flame. Firefighter’s gloves extend from the fingers to the forearm, thereby offering extensive protection from the heat. It would only be wise to use the one liner –“You are in safe hands”, only after you make sure your hands are in safe gloves!

One would imagine that a glove capable of enduring cuts or burns would be thick and an uncomfortable piece of fabric to have your hands in. Surprising, the answer is a simple no! Though these gloves are made of materials formulated and tested to withstand damage, they are unbelievably flexible and durable. The riot control gloves offer protection from pretty much everything! They protect officers from cuts, impact from blows or projectiles thrown at them, burns and other abrasions. They are just as important as the shield is, during a crowd control situation. Police gloves offer protection from abrasions, cuts and moderate impact on the hands, whilst providing extensive padding on the palm and on the back of the palm as well!

Tactical gloves are on the same lines as riot control gloves, except that they are designed to provide superior touch sensitivity, especially during search or frisk operations and weapon control, thereby reducing stress subjected on the hands, significantly! Tactical gloves feature strategically placed foam, which offers protection from assailants or objects. These gloves, by nature offer superior resistance against tear and abrasion, whilst being light weight- without compromising on the safety of the wearers hands.

There are gloves for almost every job, to provide protection to the hands. The only question you need to ask yourself is- “What should my glove protect me from?” Once you frame a question such as this, you would involuntarily end up with the right kind of gloves in your hands. Also make it a point to look up a good gloves manufacturer like TS Gloves who would provide quality protection & at n affordable price range.

Nothing like a safe pair of hands, ever ready to begin on the next task!

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