Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Popular Materials Used in Gloves

Gloves play an important part in the protection of people working in dangerous environments and workplaces. Whether it is a policeman or a glass cutter, each one of them require gloves in order to protect themselves from cuts, fire, abrasions and few others. Gloves that are made for safety of people are known as safety gloves and play a vital role in protecting them. Companies manufacturing these gloves have to use special kinds of materials so that they can come up with the best quality gloves that can completely save people wearing them. Safety gloves are used in different work areas and thus different kinds of materials are used to manufacture them. Here you can have a look at different kinds of materials used for manufacturing gloves and of course their applications.

The first kind of material that is used in manufacturing various kinds of gloves is Armor-Tex. This material is very strong and can act as the best when used in making of riot control gloves. It has been seen that this material is even stronger than steel and presence of few other features make it the best of all. It is true that Armor-Tex is strong but still it is very thin and flexible as well. Many companies are replacing materials like Kevlar with this one due to its varied features. The same material is used extensively for making tactical gloves as well.

Second type of material used in large amounts by gloves manufacturers is Immunetex. This material is waterproof and does not allow water to enter inside it. The best part of using this material is that it keeps the hands of wearer dry by allowing perspiration to take place through it. The material can be best suitable for making army gloves as army people have to stay in extreme conditions. Other material that offers almost similar kinds of properties is Primaloft. Gloves made using this material can protect individuals from cold and heat and are comfortable. Above all, this material is light in weight and does not hinder the working of individuals.

Softshell is little different from the above-mentioned materials. Gloves made using this material are soft in nature and can help greatly in protecting people from cuts and other kinds of physical damage. In addition, it is waterproof and windproof and thus wearer feels comfortable while wearing it. The material is best suitable for making cut resistance gloves. People involved in such kinds of works need gloves that fit completely and do not provide inconvenience while working. This is the reason why Softshell is best for making such gloves and assisting people in accomplishing their work easily and carefully.

Many other kinds of materials are also used to make gloves of different kinds and each of them have some unique properties of their own.

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